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Windscreen Camera Calibration

Camera Calibration

  • ASAD
    Your camera in your windscreen activates and controls certain systems within your vehicle.

    Camera calibration after having your windscreen replaced is lead by legislation.

    Calibration ensures your car is safe, you are safe and any passengers onboard are safe.

    If you do not have your windscreen calibrated and your vehicle is involved in an accident then insurance companies can use this as reason not to pay out.


ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) cameras can include cruise control, automatic braking, speed sign detection, lane departure warning systems and more, these security systems are designed to keep you safe.

Windscreen mounted cameras control ADAS systems and without calibration once the windscreen has been replaced the ADAS camera may be redundant resulting in the system being inoperative and compromising your safety.

In the first instance we will carry out a pre-scan on your vehicle to check if there are any alerts or issues.

Once your windscreen has been replaced we will then carry out the camera calibration.

Once complete your camera systems will be functioning as they should and ensuring your safety because of this.  

Be responsible, be smart and stay safe – calibration is essential to achieve this.

Didn't have your windscreen replaced by us??

Not a problem at all, we can still carry out ADAS calibration on your vehicle for you.


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